Monday, September 1, 2014

September // Goals and Such

I may or may not have put that fall door decor up today...

A new month means a fresh start! And there's nothing like a holiday to start a month off right. Needless to say, today is also the day that I'm allowing myself to put up a couple fall decorations. Nothing Halloween-related yet... but some fall-colored items just to start making a decor transition.

There are a few things I want to make sure I get done this month:

  • Get the baby dresser painted
  • Obtain/paint a crib the same color as the dresser
  • Reduce the amount of clothing in my wardrobe
  • Pick an official day for my baby shower and plan as many details in advance as possible
  • Try making a schedule for blog posts and see if that works for me
  • Go eat some place new
  • Read more (my books are collecting too much dust!)
  • Spend more time outside - this shouldn't be too difficult with the fall weather on the way!
  • Organize my closets and drawers
  • Finish my latch hook rug
  • Readjust my schedule based around 1) my teaching and 2) the musical I'm working on to ensure I still get plenty of exercise, sleep, and have time to keep the apartment nice and clean and run all the errands I'll need to take care of to prepare for baby and other things

I'll probably add another item or two to the list as I think of them... well, Happy Labor Day!

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