Thursday, October 16, 2014

All By Myself

If you just sang the title of this blog post Celine Dion-style, then you get brownie points.

Isn't she lovely, folks? And I'm totally going to go listen to that song right now... because... Celine.

For the very first time in our nearly 2.5 years of marriage - yep, you heard me folks, for the very first time since our wedding night - Doug and I are apart from each other. He has been off in California on a work conference (coming back tonight!) and I have been all alone! Is it strange that we've made it this far into our marriage without ever being away from each other? Not even for one night... I think it's a bit strange. We're not clingy people, we just haven't ever taken trips without each other. In any case, this was a whole new experience for me! (And I've been super nervous that baby girl will come early while he's gone, but that hasn't happened!) Despite missing Doug, here are the things I've taken advantage of during his absence:

1) I can eat ALL the junk food!!!!!!
Technically, I can eat junk food while Doug is with me, but him being gone is the perfect excuse to let myself binge a bit. I've been downing my favorite chip and dip combo, eating too much ice cream, made chocolate peanut butter fudge (it's already completely devoured), and even let myself go buy fries at Wendy's. I never randomly buy fries. So that's saying something.

2) I am more focused when I'm by myself.
I find it impossibly difficult to get things done when there are other people around me. If Doug is home, then dishes will go unwashed, laundry unfolded, projects unfinished, etc... unless I really force myself to get things done. Normally I have to make sure that I complete all of my to-do items during the day when he's at work or school. Having him gone for such a long period of time has given me plenty of opportunity to get into a "cleaning and organizing" groove.

3) I can stay up late and be as noisy as I want.
I am a bit of a night owl, while Doug likes to go to bed earlier (he gets up earlier, so that makes sense). Even if I wanted to go to bed at the same time as him, my preggo belly sometimes makes it difficult to fall asleep. Once he's in bed, my activities are limited. For the past several nights, I've been able to keep music running, have the television on, sing to myself, get things done, and go wherever I want in the apartment without worrying about waking someone up. I suppose that being able to make noise keeps me from feeling lonely.

4) Being apart helps me appreciate the time we have together.
This kind of speaks for itself. It's that whole "you don't appreciate what you have until it's gone" concept - only on a less-extreme scale because Doug isn't permanently gone. But having him so far away for a couple days reminds me of how blessed I am to have him. So very blessed. And I can't be thankful enough for that.

Doug, I'm excited to see you again tonight!

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