Friday, October 31, 2014

Babymoon! Because I'm NOT motivated!

It's official.

My motivation to do anything has gone out the window. I don't even have the famous preggo lady "nesting instinct" driving me to get things done. I just want to sit, eat food, read books, watch tv shows, and take naps. It was a struggle getting myself to make this blog post, for crying out loud!

That being said... the mini vacation we had this past weekend was a nice break from things. Even if it wasn't particularly relaxing (let's face it... vacations are never as relaxing as we expect them to be) it was still great to have a change of pace.

Doug works for an awesome company and they had a company retreat this past weekend up in Park City. Since Doug is crazy busy and I have a fair bit going on myself, we decided that this retreat would double as our "babymoon" - because goodness knows we're probably not going to take any other trips between now and baby's arrival.

I won't go through all the details... but I will say that I completely disregarded the rules about under-cooked meat during pregnancy and had a medium-rare filet mignon for dinner. No regrets. It was delicious and baby still seems perfectly healthy. I also took home handfuls of the pumpkin kisses that were covering the dinner tables.

Park City, you're always good to us. And the pretty fall foliage was a definite bonus. AND I really enjoyed going to that 5-star spa for a 50 minute foot/calf massage. My feet really needed it.

Oh... and Happy Halloween, everyone.

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