Monday, October 13, 2014

I don't need you, Starbucks!

So. Three things.

First: I made the choice long ago to never drink coffee (even decaf). The result: every autumn I feel a little left out when everyone starts going crazy about the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Evidently, it's pretty tasty. THEN I discovered that The Cocoa Bean is doing a Pumpkin Spice drink. The world is right again.

Behold, straight from their Facebook page, in all its glory. (This is the frappe version... you can also have it as a hot drink)

pumpkin spice

If you've been around this blog for a while, you'll know that I love The Cocoa Bean! I probably go there more often than I should, truth be told. If you're in Provo, go get their drinks! Their cupcakes are fairly good, but their drinks are the bomb!

Second: My baby shower was this weekend! I would love to share a bunch of pictures of it with you guys... but I took barely any pictures. Go figure. So I'll just talk about it briefly: the general theme was "Little Pumpkin" because... HELLO, it's fall! So the baby shower just had be pumpkin themed! And the weather was awesome on Saturday so we even had the shower outside!

My favorite parts were 1) Everyone got to take home their own "little pumpkin" as a party favor - we're talking about real, tiny pumpkins (so cute, and I wish I got pictures!) and then 2) these oreo pops. Made to look like pumpkins. Because... desserts. Pumpkins. They just go so well together.

^^^^^ Yep, I totally stole that picture from you, Tara! Even though I have a weird double-chin thing going on in this picture. But oh well.

Thanks to everyone who came! And thanks to everyone who kept us in their thoughts even though they couldn't make it! This little girl is so loved already. Doug and I really appreciate it.

Third: I received a Liebster Award nomination from Maddy! This award has been around the blogosphere for as long as I can remember... and technically you're only allowed to be nominated if you have less than 200 followers (on GFC and Bloglovin combined). However, I'm going to go ahead and complete the nomination anyways because it's just fun to do!

Rules: Be sure to link back to the person who nominated you. Write 11 facts about yourself. Then answer the 11 questions given to you. Then nominate 3 bloggers who have less than 200 followers and ask them 11 questions! Let those 3 bloggers know that you nominated them and link them in your blog post!

Here are 11 random facts about myself:

  1. I grew up in California but I have a ridiculously low tolerance for spicy things. It's kind of sad.
  2. I have ridden a camel.
  3. I always have to rinse my cup out after I'm done using it, even if I was just drinking water.
  4. I have made a sandwich for Donny Osmond.
  5. I'm a closet Skyrim nerd. People are always so surprised when they find out how much I've played that game... evidently I don't seem like the "Skyrim" type.
  6. The first and only guy I ever kissed was Doug. #noregrets
  7. I was a bit of a hoarder during my youth. And "a bit" might be an understatement. Actually, my mom would probably tell you that it's a huge understatement.
  8. I have a firm belief that the best kind of chocolate is milk chocolate.
  9. The only thing that makes me nervous is auditions. 20 minute speeches? No problem. A big dance or theatre performance? Not sweating it. Flute solo in church? Sweet. Auditions??!? My tummy does flips!
  10. I really like the way Doug smells. I sniff him in public sometimes. He thinks it's weird.
  11. Eggnog is (in my opinion) a post-Halloween drink. BUT I cannot wait until the holidays for eggnog. The moment it's on the shelf at the store, it goes into my fridge. Proof from my instagram account the other week:

Mixing holidays? Guilty. So very, very guilty.

I was nominated by Maddy, and here are the questions she asked me:

1. What's your favorite book? Everyone who really knows me can testify that I'm a little obsessed with The Count of Monte Cristo. I own more than one copy of the unabridged novel (one of which is a gorgeous collector's edition with blue leather binding and gold-leaf pages...) and we even have it on audio book. Yup.

2. What's the best thing you ate today? Well, speaking of eggnog... the best thing I ate today was eggnog ice cream that my neighbor gave us. Yep, you heard me! EGGNOG ICE CREAM! My taste buds were in heaven. And I'm trying not to think about Christmas because that's what eggnog makes me think of. Gotta enjoy fall first!

3. What's your favorite thing about yourself? I love that it's so easy for me to forgive and forget.

4. If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? Build a mansion. "Modern" Victorian-style. With secret passages. And a ballroom. And a library. And a home theatre. And all of those mansion things.

5. What annoys you more than anything? People who are blatantly ignorant. Dear ignorant people... just stop talking.

6. Favorite candy? Lindor milk chocolate truffles.

7. Greatest accomplishment? Any time I am the stage manager for a theatre production, I always feel a huge wave of accomplishment when we successfully finish the show. It's such a hard and demanding position, but so rewarding once the show comes together. Of course... the fact that I am growing a human being in my womb is also a great accomplishment. For sure.

8. Where will you be in five years? Doug will have his Masters, the little lady in my tummy will probably be a big sister by then, and we'll hopefully be in a real, multi-bedroom house. No more apartment complexes!!!! We'll most likely still be in Utah though. I can work with that.

9. Guilty pleasure song? I don't currently have any guilty pleasures... but about a year ago I had a problem with listening to "Blurred Lines" on repeat. Oooooh man, that was a bad song to be listening to on repeat, but the beat was so catchy! Definitely a guilty pleasure. If anything though, I would say that "Careless Whisper" is my long-standing guilty pleasure song. Oh, George Michael. Using saxophone in his songs before it was cool.

10. Why do you blog? I've kept an up-to-date journal since 5th grade, and so for me, blogging is like a more fun way of keeping a journal. I love looking back on the things I've done. Ultimately, this blog is for me. But I also enjoy being able to use my blog to keep family and friends updated on my life.

11. What's something you want everyone in the world to know? That Elvis faked his death. Obviously. I would also love everyone to know this. :)

I really don't want to be a party-pooper... but can I just make this an open nomination? I was technically not allowed to be nominated in the first place (more than 200 followers) so I can play by my own rules, right? Anyone who has less than 200 followers and wants to answer these questions can hop on board, how about that?! I'm sorry, you guys. I'm so bad at this stuff. And most of the blogs I read regularly have way more than 200 followers.

My questions for you guys:
  1. If you got to spend the day with one (current) celebrity, who would it be and what would you do?
  2. Favorite thing to wear?
  3. Dream vacation?
  4. You can only eat one dessert for the rest of your life. Which one do you choose?
  5. Favorite holiday? Why?
  6. If we opened your purse right now, what is the weirdest thing we'd find in it?
  7. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
  8. What is your favorite Halloween costume you've ever worn?
  9. What is one of your most embarrassing moments?
  10. If you could be an Animagus (turn into an animal whenever you want) which animal would you be?

If any of you want to answer one (or more) of my questions just for fun, then put your answers in the comments section! There are a few questions that I would be really interested in hearing peoples' answers for...


  1. I feel the same when fall comes. Everyone raving about the Pumpkin Spice Latte...thank goodness for other pumpkin beverages :)

    1. Right?! Thank goodness indeed! I need pumpkin in my life. Always.

  2. You can also make your own! Here is a recipe that is supposed to taste like Starbucks, but doesn't have any coffee in it: I kind of question how much it tastes like it, but I wouldn't be able to tell you never having tried either. I personally have been making pumpkin spice hot chocolate from a mash-up of several other recipes.

    1. Well, regardless of how much it tastes like the Starbucks one, it certainly sounds yummy! And looks very easy to make as well. Thanks for sharing, Beth! I have some puree left over from making pumpkin bread, I should use it to make this!