Saturday, October 4, 2014

The perfect way to start every October

Isn't the Salt Lake City temple beautiful in the fall? (Okay, let's face it... the temple is beautiful year-round!)

Doug and I are spending 8 hours of our weekend (starting today at 10:00 MST) watching General Conference together. Conference weekend is something I look forward to at the beginning of every April and October. The messages shared during this semi-annual meeting are always uplifting and inspiring. I'll probably share my favorite highlights from the conference at some point next week.

But for now, we're going to sit in our sweatpants and have a spiritual feast... and probably a physical feast as well, if we're going to be honest. I'm thinking waffles drenched in strawberries and nutella for brunch, and then something pumpkin flavored later on... I'll make chocolate chip pumpkin bread between sessions! There's an idea!

Happy weekend, everyone! And feel free to watch along! I love how modern technology makes it so easy for us to listen to conference not matter where we are.

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