Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hello, mood swing!

Either it's because of the pregnancy hormones
Or it's because of how much I dislike the current weather
(the world looks so dreary when most of the trees are bare and there's no snow)
((doesn't the leaf above just look so lonely??!?!))
Most likely it's the hormones...
But I hate blogging all of a sudden.

Hate it.

Like... I want to delete my blog and never have to post on it again.
So I'm putting myself on blog time-out until the baby's here
(which could and should be any day now)
Because I'm pretty sure I'll like blogging again once I'm not a grumpy, full-term preggo.
It could take a day... it could take 2 weeks
But I'm forbidding myself from blogging until the baby has been evicted from my womb.

Just so I'm not driven crazy by my own blog, ya know.

Yes, I have an obsession with this leaf.

See ya'll when I'm finally holding my little girl!


  1. You are loved and so is your blog!

    1. Love YOU! And I just need a break from the blog until my wacked-out hormones go back to normal haha. #pregnancyproblems