Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It is done.

I put the decorations up, just like I said I would. Yes, even the scrawny, skinny thing that we call a Christmas tree. I still stand by the firm assertion that I have a perfectly good excuse for putting up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. No regrets! Especially because for most of the weekend my apartment smelled like a peppermint mocha candle.

Forgive the short posts. I might be slightly MIA over the next week or two since, ya know, this baby could come any time now. (And I'm bad at pre-scheduling posts.) I'm just playing a waiting game!

In other news, I have officially joined the DSLR-owner club! Now I really really really need to learn how to shoot in manual. And work with RAW images. It's a learning curve, people. This will take practice.


  1. oh my gosh i love shooting manual so much. if you need any help let me know! i actually made a guide for it on my blog, idk where the link is, but i could dig it up if you're interested. it took me so long to figure it out, so i made examples and stuff of what it all means.
    and where on earth do you buy peppermint mocha candles? pretty sure i would be in love with that.
    yay for your baby coming soon!!!

    1. You should totally dig that link up for me, I need all the help I can get! And I got the candle at Bath and Body Works. They don't have that particular candle anymore, but they have one called "Mint Mocha Bark" that smells pretty much the same. SO good.

    2. here's the link http://www.emmyjake.com/2014/06/plain-english-camera-settings.html#.VHDWs0s29zR
      and dang! i will have to try the mint mocha bark one!!
      thanks for getting back!

    3. Awesome, your explanations are so much more user-friendly than many explanations I've seen around the internet so far. Whoo hoo, time to learn manual!!!