Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Her First White Dress

We've been very busy the past few days! My family drove up to Utah to spend the weekend here so we could exchange belated Christmas presents, so they could meet Nicole, and so they could see Nicole receive her baby blessing (comparable to a christening, I suppose) in church on Sunday. Doug's brother and dad were also in town, and so the only family member we were missing was my bro Johnathon (less than 8 months until he's home from his mission!)

Nicole got all dressed up in her first white dress and was a perfect angel during her blessing. Wide awake, completely quiet, no diaper blowouts or spit-up accidents in the middle of the prayer... such a cute little sweetheart. But, once again, not very compliant when it came time to snap a few pictures. She's crying in half of them, making absurd faces in others, and has her eyes closed or a hand blocking her face in the rest. She'll learn to behave for pictures by the time she's in her second white dress when she turns 8 and gets baptized ;)

I do like the victory fist-pump she's doing in this first picture, though.

Nicole was passed around like a hot potato between family members all weekend and took it like a champion. We were even brave enough to take our baby girl up to Temple Square with my family to look at the Christmas lights. I had her bundled up in so many layers because it was freezing outside, but this girl loves the great outdoors (if she's crying, she'll stop the moment we walk outside), so she seemed to enjoy the trip and even slept in the car for the whole 50 minute drive there and back.

Aaaaand here's the only picture I have of my family from the whole weekend. Yeah. I'm bad at this "taking pictures" thing. I spy a snuggly-warm baby!

And here's the only picture I took on baby's first Christmas. Oh well.

It was great to have my family here. Grandma made sure to take advantage of every opportunity to cuddle her granddaughter, to the extent that the aunties were scolding her for being a baby-hog. Doug and I also agree that our families are the best ever and we are so glad that our in-laws get along with each other so well. I've heard enough in-law horror stories to be thankful that our families are both so awesome.

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