Sunday, January 4, 2015

Nicole // One Month

She's one month old! My baby is one month old! And what a month it has been. After one month, I feel like I have a slightly better grasp of this whole motherhood thing. I still have so much to learn, but I'm treading water now rather than floundering in it. And I'm definitely turning into one of those over-proud "share everything about my baby" moms, but oh well. What else am I gonna use this blog for?!

Also... the following spit-up bubble pictures explain Nicole perfectly. This girl is a fountain, I'm telling ya.

At one month, Nicole:

+ Attempts to give genuine smiles. It melts my heart!

+ Still prefers to be held a lot.

+ Will only sleep for extended periods of time if she's being held, in her car seat, or in bed with me and Doug. So... she sleeps with us every night because she and I get much more sleep that way, not to mention nursing is easier.

+ Is a side sleeper. Yep, we're breaking "SIDS prevention" rules all over the place here.

+ Wakes up to be fed 2 times a night, sometimes 3.

+ Still does not like tummy time, but tolerates it a bit better.

+ Loves the sound of running water, but hates taking baths. She screams the whole time.

+ No longer wears newborn clothes, but still fits in newborn diapers. She's growing!

+ Weighs around 9 lbs now. I'm not sure of the exact number.

+ Has already had her first cold. Thankfully, it was a really mild one. She usually does not like it when I clean her nose out, but two mornings ago when I was sucking out snot at 4 AM she decided to smile at me a bunch, as if getting her nose cleaned out was the best thing in the world. Cute girl.

+ Sometimes when she sneezes, she goes "Aaaah... Aaaah... CHOO!" and it's so funny.

+ Stares at contrasting things a lot, especially the brown ceiling fan against the white ceiling.

+ Gets called: baby, baby girl, sweetheart, sweetie, squeaker, squeak box, stinker, snugglebug, and occasionally we'll actually call her by her real name ;)

+ Makes grunts and squeaks that sound like a baby elephant or piglet.

+ Cries when she's put in her car seat, but falls silent the moment we walk outside.

+ Eats like the world will end tomorrow.

Happy one month, baby girl!

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