Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Little Things - Priorities

One thing that is great about caring full-time for a first-born child is that you get a lot of opportunities (while the baby is eating... and eating... and eating again) to ponder. And I find myself pondering and appreciating the small things.

Getting fresh air outside after sitting so long in a stuffy apartment.
Nicole's little fists twitching back and forth when she stretches.
Doug coming home earlier than I expect.
The mountains turning pink in the brilliant sunsets caused by the inversion air.
Warm showers.
Slippers and sweatpants.
The way this girl stares dramatically off to the side as if she's a model or something:

The little things give my life color and meaning. So, this year I'm going to pay more attention to those little things; the small moments that enrich my life. My priorities get flipped so often because of getting caught up in popular culture, as well as from beating myself up because my little existence doesn't even begin to compare to the picture-perfect images that everyone shares of their own lives around the blogging world. I have to remind myself not to lose sight of what matters.

It's one of the curses of the internet. You only see what other people want you to see. Comparison is never healthy, and nobody's life is perfect.

So... here's to priorities! To family, to self, to God, to improving by my own measuring stick rather than by everyone else's!

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