Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Nicole // Two Months

This girl becomes more and more interactive as the weeks fly by. She also becomes heavier and heavier. Sometimes, I'll put her down and then I swear she feels heavier when I pick her up 10 minutes later. It's ridiculous how quickly she grows.

The poor baby had her 2 month shots this morning. She screamed as she got the shots, of course, but stopped crying the moment I picked her up, gave me some big, gummy grins as I buckled her up in her car seat, and fell asleep as I set up her 4 month appointment. What a little sweetie.

At 2 months, Nicole:

+ weighs 11 lbs. 7 oz. and is 22.25 inches long

+ will NOT stay asleep for her naps unless she's being held (or in the stroller/car).

+ smiles exuberantly when she's content, sometimes even to people other than me and Doug

+ laughs in her sleep (only) and it's the cutest thing EVER

+ adores taking showers with me. She also loves baths now... a month ago she hated them!

+ runs her little hands in circles on my skin as she's nursing

+ has gained a new nickname: Squirmy Wormy... she's just so wiggly sometimes!

+ falls asleep when I walk around singing "Only Hope" to her almost every. Single. Time. Just so I don't wear out the magic, I only sing it when I really want to get her to sleep.

+ rapidly shakes her little fists when she stretches

+ will last in her baby swing for up to 15 minutes on a good day

+ falls asleep to the sound of my voice as I read Harry Potter to her (with accents, of course)

+ sleeps in her crib at night! She can sleep for 5 hour stretches and wakes up twice to eat.

+ soothes herself to sleep at night as long as she's full and drowsy

+ rolls from tummy to back... and did it several times as I was taking these pictures. I caught her mid-roll one time! SO cute!

Love ya, baby girl! I'm so glad I get to snuggle with you all day!