Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Groundhog Lied

You know how the groundhog saw his shadow this year? And how that supposedly means that there will be 6 more weeks of winter? Well, either the groundhog lied, or Utah didn't get the memo. I'm not necessarily complaining about the 60-70 degree weather we've been having, but it is a little strange to be walking around in short sleeves in February.

For the record, Nicole gets so confused every time we go outside on sunny days (hence the face in that last photo). It's just so bright and fresh and there are so many things to look at! What a difference when we spend so much time inside! The warmer weather is seriously making me itch for spring, but I'm predicting the temperature will plunge again at some point before spring truly gets here.

Also... this baby is so chill when we're in public. We spent some time bowling, eating ice cream, playing arcades, and doing ropes courses with some friends at the Provo Beach Resort last week and she never complained, aside from some whimpering when she got hungry. If only she were that chill at home ;)

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