Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hair loss. It's a doozy.

My hair magically stopped falling out during my pregnancy. It was awesome! So much hair! When I combed or brushed my hair there would be only one, maybe two stray strands that would come away.

Now here I am, almost 4 months post-partum, and my hair is falling out in small fistfuls. It's not the greatest feeling in the world. I've told myself that as long as no bald spots show up I can deal with it! I don't want to worry about having a female comb-over. Noooo thank you. Nicole likes to help the hair-loss process along by casually grabbing strands and pulling ;) She does it unintentionally right now, but if she's anything like her cousins then she'll be obsessed with hair not too long from now.

My hair is also getting darker by the day. Look at the roots! (And no, I've never dyed or highlighted my hair.) At this rate, I don't think I'll be able to call myself blonde for too much longer. It's a shame 'cuz I liked my natural golden locks. Maybe some sunshine can fix that? Hooray for spring and warmer weather!

I've also felt great recently because I've limited myself to only posting on one social media site (that includes this blog) every few days, and I love that rule. It's amazing how much happier I feel when I'm not worrying about when I last took a new Instagram photo, wrote a new blog post, updated my Facebook status, etc. (because for some reason I feel an urge to post things while lacking the inspiration to post something "good".)

SO much less stressful. I remember a time when blogging didn't stress me out so much. It was back before I started interacting with other bloggers, actually. I'm making a return to that "blogging is fun" feeling by extracting myself from the outside blogosphere. I even considered making this blog private, but I won't go that far. Just... no more going out of my way to interact with other bloggers for this girl, or worrying about the "quality content or no content at all" rule (which I never follow anyways).

Let me tell ya, I feel better already. Blogging for ME! Let's make this fun again.


  1. I didn't get postpartum hair loss until about 6 months and still is a bit, so I decided to cut my hair to give it a chance to heal and catch back up.

    1. A haircut is a good idea. I'll probably follow suit sometime soon. Your shorter hair is cute, and Brooklyn sounds like an awesome stylist! :)