Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Nicole // Three Months

With a quarter of a year officially under her belt, Nicole is on the verge of a lot of fun milestones. In the past few days she's become increasingly obsessed with her hands, often bringing them together in front of her, staring curiously as she twiddles and twists the fingers around each other before deciding to stick them in her mouth for a while.

Ooooh yes, she loves eating her yummy hands. Any day now, those hands should start attempting to grab things. That's when the real fun begins.

(On a separate note, I was taking pictures when the sun suddenly peeked over the mountains and it made everything sunny and yellow for a couple minutes! Hence why all the pictures have different lighting.)

She has also discovered how to make her voice several octaves higher. Sometimes it's cute, like when she's squealing and talking. Sometimes, it's a not-so-cute shriek. Her favorite baby-talk words sound like "ah-gua" and "ah-gggggg," although she's starting to branch out.

I love the way her eyebrows furrow and arch and pucker. She is the master of those thin lines of hair, and has perfected the art of lifting one eyebrow while cocking her head to the side. It KILLS me.

These next two pictures show off her eyebrow capabilities fairly well.

She finally takes naps in her crib (as of 1.5 weeks ago), although she's been a bad napper the past few days. I'm pretty sure we have a growth spurt to thank for that. The nickname I'm favoring for her nowadays is "Chunker" because those cheeks grow chubbier by the day.

She smiles a lot and has the cutest one-syllable laugh, but I think I've heard her chuckle a time or two. She's even smiled at some of my friends... she's getting more social! She will tolerate me reading several books to her before she gets bored and wants to move around. She still loves being held.

At the end of our little photo session, Nicole got cranky so I picked her up. She sat in my lap and stared up at me for a minute or two, and then fell asleep. Such a sweetheart.

We love you baby girl!


  1. She is so cute! I can't believe how fast she's growing, it's insane! I can't wait for my little one to arrive and join in the finger-sucking, eyebrow raising fun:)

    1. I tell her every day to stop growing ;) And your daughter will be only half a year younger, they should totally have playdates when they get older!