Monday, March 2, 2015

"Wine" & Cheese Party and Cutthroat Bingo

Before you say, "Wait, Ashley... aren't you Mormon? You don't drink wine, right?" let me clarify that this little party I went to last week was in fact a Mormon-style Wine and Cheese Party. In other words, the "wine" portion of the party consisted of fresh-squeezed grapes. Yep, we know how to party. No alcohol needed.

A couple ladies in my ward put this together, and I wanted to record it here on the good ol' blog so I can remember it and carry on the tradition when I move to a new ward in a year or two. Everybody brings sample cubes of their favorite cheese and then we all sip our "wine" while tasting cheeses and cleansing our palettes with apples and bread. I felt so fancy.

And yes, those are shot-sized party cups.

Little Miss Chubby Cheeks was pretty chill the whole time.

Note to self: do the party at the end of summer during grape season so it can be held outdoors (garden party style) and we can maybe dress fancy if we want to, as if we're all going to a real wine gallery. Plus, it will make for better pictures than in a church building.

In addition to the food, we played a competitive form of bingo. I think I'll call it "Cutthroat Bingo" and it's actually tons of fun.

Cutthroat Bingo: Rules

1) Every player brings a cutely-wrapped $5-$10 present (the cuter it's wrapped, the more it gets fought over), and all presents are placed together on a table at the beginning of the game.

2) Every time you get a bingo you choose a present from that table... OR steal a present from somebody who already has a present. Yep, steal it. This is where things get "cutthroat". Oh, you wanted that gift wrapped in chevron paper? Too bad, I'm stealing it!

3) If your present gets stolen, then you just steal someone else's, or take a new one off the table. The catch is that each present can only be stolen once per round (aka, once every time a new number is called out) so that the stealing doesn't go on indefinitely. You only steal if you get a bingo or if your present is stolen and you don't have another. Eventually, everyone has a present in front of them and a bunch of stealing happens every time someone gets a bingo.

4) When you finally get a blackout, you open the present you have in front of you and you get to keep it. Keep playing until everyone has reached blackout and opened a present.

Make sense? It was really fun to play. We only had 8 or 9 ladies there, so the stealing didn't last too long, but I imagine with a larger group that things could get a little hectic. But let's be honest... the craziness is what makes it fun!


  1. Cuthroat bingo sounds pretty fun!

    1. It really is! Especially with the right group of people :)