Sunday, April 19, 2015

Last Call!!

In case you missed the last post, my blog is going private tomorrow! You won't be able to see/read it unless I give you permission, so be sure to put your email into this google form.

I'm excited about those of you who want to continue along on this little blog journey of ours. I'm glad I can keep sharing what we're up to in a way that's a little more personal and private.

In other news, somebody has decided to sleep for 7-8 hours straight each night, followed by one shorter 2-3 hour stretch! And that somebody is not Doug. Or me. Yeah, yeah, you guessed it! Nicole, thank you for dropping your 2 AM feeding. The past week has been practically blissful.


  1. Doesn't feel great to have more sleep?!?! Just wait till she starts to sleep through the night!

    1. It feels SO great! But I'm definitely still dreaming of the day she'll make it all the way through! :)