Saturday, April 4, 2015

Nicole // 4 Months

We love this happy Chunker so much! She's been with us for 1/3 of a year now, and she's already quite the ball of personality. Growing too fast. Far too fast. And her hair looks SO ginger in some of these pictures!

She gains more body rolls by the day. Her baby chub is so delicious, I could just eat her up! Her chunky baby cheeks get smothered in kisses more times than I can keep track of!

These days, Nicole loves to swat her little hands at all types of toys, including mom's face. If I'm not careful while I'm cradling her, I get a baby palm whacking every inch of my cheeks and chin. It's cute. She'll also gaze up at me when I'm cradling her and give me the biggest smiles. Sometimes I'll tell her stories while we stare at each other... she'll coo back at me and laugh a bit. It's adorable.

She gets this super concentrated look on her face when she feels an interesting or unusual texture with her fingers. She especially loves to grab and pick at her knitted blanket.

She still gets up twice to eat at night, sometimes only once if I'm lucky. I'll be able to sleep again, someday... :P

Nicole loves to shriek. If you're following me on Instagram or friends with me on Facebook, then you've seen the little video I posted of her shrieking. That's just a small taste of what I listen to on a daily basis! She also loves to stand on her chubby, wobbly legs while I help her balance, and she enjoys being tossed in the air.

^^^^^Look at those cheeks!!! I die.

I can put Nicole in her bumbo seat while I clean or eat. It's so convenient! She'll sit in the bumbo on the table while she watches Doug and I eat dinner, and it's making me excited for (not too long from now) when we can start feeding her "big kid food".

She sticks her tongue out when the wind blows in her face. She's learning how to splash in the bathtub. She's getting slightly more social with people she doesn't know well. Her favorite toys are a purple bear with a little blankie attached (it's in her crib in this post) and her Muffin the Moose toy, which is seen in the following pics.

We just barely jumped on the "Sophie the Giraffe" train and got one for her... Nicole is already chewing Sophie to death. That giraffe is going to be a fast favorite, I can tell.

We love you so much, baby girl! Happy 4 months!

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