Saturday, April 25, 2015


Nicole went on a swing for the first time a few days ago!

We tagged along with Doug as he went to go play a game of Frisbee over on the fields at his old high school. I did not realize there would be a playground there... otherwise I would've brought my camera! Thank goodness for cellphones, right?!

Nicole really enjoyed swinging. I pushed her as high as my nervous mommy instinct would let me push her, and she just smiled and smiled! You can hear her laugh a bit in this video :)

Baby laughter. It's my favorite sound.



  1. Aww!!! <3

    She's wearing the shirt and pants!!!!

    1. Yep!!! That shirt still kills me. Doug is lucky indeed! Hahaha

    2. She is so adorable!!! I am happy she is my niece and she is the cutest baby ever!