Monday, May 4, 2015

Nicole // 5 Months

^^^That third picture KILLS me. Nicole has this habit of tucking her chin, and it pushes her extra chub up to make her look even chunkier than usual. Oh man, that baby girl. Love her.

Nicole has hit some big milestones in the past month! One of my favorite milestones is that she sleeps 10-11 hours straight at night. Yes, it's one of my favorites because it means I get to sleep. She has also started eating solid foods, which I shared a bit about in my last post. Currently she's had avocado, banana, cantaloupe (which she's obsessed with), has sucked on a bit of watermelon, and I plan on feeding her some steamed carrot puree tonight.

She keeps eyeing my oreos. Sorry, baby girl. Those aren't for you.

^^^^Painted toes from a little spa night. I die.

She still only rolls from tummy to back, although she can get from her back to her side. She isn't too interested in rolling. Sitting, however, is another story. "Mom, let me sit all day!" She can now sit unsupported for up to a minute or two, as long as she's using her hands on the ground to balance.

Exibit A:

She also loves to suck on her lower lip. She's always done it, but I notice it more now.

Exhibit B:

Some little details I want to remember about this age:

I can tickle her around her collarbone/neck and get some great belly-laughs out of her. I LOVE making this baby laugh. I said it a couple posts back... baby laughter is one of my very favorite sounds.

Playing peek-a-boo scares her.

She whacks her feet on the ground over and over again when she's playing on her back on the ground. In fact, she whacks them in the tub too. It gets me wet. But it's super cute.

She has started to master the art of holding up her arms when she wants to be picked up.

She wiggles her feet when she's excited about something or tastes a new food that she likes.

When she's sleepy, she either gets really snuggly or really cranky. It's always a toss-up.

When I pick her up (my-hands-under-her-armpits style), she immediately scrunches up her legs and brings her hands to her mouth. She stays in that position as I bring her to snuggle against my chest. It's the sweetest.

^^^^Chubby face close-up. I'm surprised there aren't permanent lip marks on her cheeks from the number of times I've kissed them.

We love you, Nikki B! (Yes, that's our nickname of choice for her right now. I'm pretty sure there's a new one every month.)

^^^^Again with sucking the lower lip! [insert laughing-with-tears emoticon here]