Thursday, June 11, 2015

My Post-Partum Body: Clothing Woes

So here's the deal.

I got this super cute heart-print skirt from eShakti over a year ago before Nicole got big enough to make my tummy expand. The cool thing about the skirt is that it was made to my measurements... buuuuuut that means it fit my pre-baby waist.

I had come to accept that my body is shaped differently now than it was before. After trying this skirt on around 3 months post-partum, I was discouraged that it still didn't fit while other women were saying that they were already back in their pre-pregnancy jeans. I never thought I'd be able to wear this skirt again.

Well, look at me now! It was so satisfying to be able to pull that zipper all the way up.

Pants are another story though. My waistline may be shrinking, but my hips are not. None of my pants fit, and I'm not sure they ever will. I have avoided trying on a single pair of pants at stores because I don't want to see how many sizes I've gone up, and I have a feeling I'll have difficulty finding pants that fit right anyways. I have weird proportions.

Then I found out that good ol' eShakti is offering pants, shorts, and jumpsuits now.

Hallelujah, eShakti. Custom-sizing sounds pretty alluring when you don't want to go through the hassle of trying on tons of pants at a store just to figure out your new pants size. (I get frustrated just thinking about it!)

I don't think I could ever pull off a jumpsuit, and it's too hot for pants... so the shorts sing to me the most right now. I LOVE these Bermuda shorts. Gah, the polka dots, I can't even. Let's get some more Bermuda shorts on the line, eShakti! They're by far my favorite style out of all the shorts options.

Okay. Back to my wardrobe for a second.


Don't get me started on shirts.

You see, I have a 6-month-old baby who really, really likes to eat. I feed her 100% naturally. We've tried the pumping/bottles method. She doesn't buy it. Either it comes directly from the source or she won't take it. This means that I either have to carefully plan the timing of my outings, and/or I need to make sure that the shirt I'm wearing is nursing friendly.

Nursing friendly = stretchy neck, button-up, or layers.

The shirt I'm wearing in these pictures = NOT nursing friendly.

It's trickier to find shirts than you might think. Once again, eShakti provides what I'm looking for with some super cute button-up options from their new Contemporary and Bohemian lines. This top is adorable (what is it with me and dots?!) and I would love to layer this top with a light cardi.

If you see things you like on their site (I absolutely ADORE their skirts, they all have pockets!!!!!) then I have good news for you! Use this gift code and you'll get $35 dollars to use on your order! You're welcome ;)

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Yes, that is my maiden name, for those of you who know me only as a Kelly.

But anyways... I dug up this picture from when I was 14 weeks pregnant... it's the only one I could find of me wearing that skirt. Look! The skirt fits so nice and low on my waist! I was so thin! I had a jawline! (Ha.) Getting back to that point is a work in progress.

I would still love to fit in my old pants... but it's great to know that I have back-up options in case I discover at the end of my weight-loss process that my hip bones are just too wide now. The eShakti pants options would be especially handy if I ever enter the workforce again, since many of them have that nice, tailored look. And one can never have enough nursing-friendly shirts. Never. Especially when your child stains more than one of your shirts with some sort of bodily fluid in a less-than-24-hour period (yep, that's happened).
Ah, Nicole. You certainly have flipped many aspects of my life upside down.

And I love, love, love you so much.

I can't believe that a year ago you were only as big as the peach in that picture!

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