Thursday, June 4, 2015

Nicole // 6 Months

We love this little girl and her baby blues! Doug is thrilled that she has blue eyes like her mama, and it looks like she'll end up blonde like me instead of ginger. We can live with that ;)

I'm kind of freaking out that she's half a year old already. I can see my years as a mom flash before my eyes! SO fast! And yet each individual day feels so long... funny how time works, especially when you're caring for a child - which can be so exciting, while at the same time so monotonous. There's only so much a baby can do or handle.

Nicole is getting better at this whole sitting thing. She has discovered the art of thumb-sucking, which I'm fine with as long as it doesn't become a habit. She can roll in both directions and will even consent to sleeping for long stretches on her back.

Speaking of sleeping... about halfway through the past month Nicole got the teeniest cold, and even though it barely affected her mood, it seemed to throw her sleeping off. She went from sleeping 10+ hours straight to sleeping only 7 or 8 hours, waking up for a snack, then sleeping another 2 hours or so.

On top of that, in the past couple days she has started sleeping for only 5-6 hours before waking up for a snack, and she's even started waking up multiple times at night. Gah, darn 6 month sleep regression! I'm hoping it's just because of a growth spurt and possibly because she's getting ready to cut her first tooth because she's been rather grouchy the past few days, wants to nurse a lot, and will (once again) only nap when I'm holding her.

^^^^ Don't let the pictures fool you... she still likes to chew on books more than she likes to look at them ;)

A few days ago she learned how to blow raspberries, so it's been a warzone of flying spit.

She loves to grab her toes and wave them around (but still hasn't put them in her mouth).

She's obsessed with cheerios and CafĂ© Rio pork. A girl after my own heart!

She really likes going swimming.

She's still a huge fan of going ALL THE PLACES in her stroller.

She can have mild stranger anxiety at times, but warms up to people very quickly.

She has this super funny habit when I pick her up and hold her so she's looking over my shoulder: she wiggles her little torso, arms, and legs aaaaall over the place, as if being held is the most exciting thing in the world. It's adorable... but I have to make sure my hair is out of the way before I pick her up or else she's bound to get her arm all tanged up in it!

Even though I would love to be able to put her down in her crib for her naps so I can get things done, I'm trying to slow down and enjoy these precious weeks I have left when she wants to snuggle so much with me. She won't always want to be held, and I won't be able to spend countless lazy hours snuggling my future babies in the same way that I get to snuggle with my firstborn.

When I look at it that way, I can handle it. I won't ever get these days back.

Meanwhile, I'll just keep snappin' pictures of my little model! Although when she does this, it's a sign that she's fed up with being a model for the day hahaha

She's not crying... sometimes she just gives up and lies there at the end of our sessions. Being a model is tiring, clearly!

Love ya, Coli baby!
Happy half-birthday!