Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How We Wore It // Fall Transition

I don't ever collaborate or link up with other bloggers anymore... but after seeing Brooke host this fashion challenge month after month, I had to get in on the action just this once! It's such a fun idea, I couldn't resist.


We were given an image of a fancy shmancy fashion blogger wearing something fabulous, and we were supposed to re-create our own version of the outfit using items that we already had in our closets while trying to look equally fabulous. HA. And now we see why I could never be a fashion blogger.

Our inspiration this month:

The first thing I saw in this picture was the ORANGE! And the second thing I saw when I ran to my closet is that I DON'T OWN ORANGE CLOTHES!

With that in mind, I drew inspiration from the neutral accessories and went with a neutral top that kind of flows around the bottom and wore an orange scarf (okay, it's coral, but let's just say it's as orange as a carrot, or an orange starburst, or whatever orange-colored food floats your boat. Yes, it has to be a food.) to accent the outfit. I finished the look with skinnies and neutral pumps.

Wearing pumps with jeans isn't something I normally do. I kind of like it!

The short-sleeved sweater I'm wearing is a great transition piece. It has the cozy feel of a sweater, but since we're at that awkward time of year where it's freezing in the morning and burning in the afternoon (because Utah weather is in a constant state of menopause or something) I can just wear a fall trench coat over it in the morning and remove the coat to stay cool as the day gets hotter!

Mmmm, I LOVE sweater weather!

Aaaaaand... a certain baby kept crawling into the shots. But I'm not complaining.

She sat on the grass for the longest time watching the world around her, and then she started crawling over to me... and she didn't like the sensation of the grass on her legs, so she proceeded to crawl on her hands and feet. It was the most hilarious thing.

Well, now that you've seen my interpretation, go check out the other ladies and how they wore this outfit!

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If you're wanting to try this fun fashion challenge, don't hesitate to drop by Brooke's blog and sign-up! It's super fun!


  1. Short sleeved sweaters are definitely a great transition piece. And whenever I DO wear heels with jeans I always get compliments, it's just so out of my comfort zone for me. But you totally pull it off girl! Love this look!

    1. It's totally out of my comfort zone too haha. Thanks!

  2. You are so cute! I love that you chose a neutral top and then added that amazing scarf. Seriously looking so good!

  3. I love that scarf! And your top! And those heels! You look fantastic!

  4. love the pop of color with the scarf. i'm excited to pull mine out this fall. also, your baby is adorable! mine turns one next week and i'm so sad about it :( haha

    1. I pretty much live in scarves and boots for the whole season haha. Happy early birthday to your little one! So sad and so fun at the same time!

  5. Oh I had a baby wanting in on my photos too!

    1. Those babies just can't wait to get internet-famous ;) haha

  6. SO CUTE! that scarf is the perfect pop!

  7. With a majority of my outfits I make the accessory the statement piece! I love that you added a perfect pop of color with the scarf!

    Penn&Quill || Robin

    1. Accessories are SO fun to play around with! They can definitely take an outfit to a whole new level. Thanks!

  8. How fun :) Super cute outfit!! (And baby.)

  9. AHH! LOL! "(because Utah weather is in a constant state of menopause or something)" BEST LINE EVER! LOL!
    Fun idea! I wanna try, though I don't currently have ANY full length jeans that fit me

    1. Haha, I was going to say something about PMS, but then menopause seemed more fitting ;)

      The jeans situation must be frustrating, especially with that chilly Idaho weather on its way! I saw some of the other bloggers creating outfits using skirts or dresses... the main idea is to be inspired by the colors, textures, style, etc. of the original outfit, not just to try and replicate it! So you could totally do it :)

  10. Oooh that sweater looks comfy and cute!

    1. Definitely comfy, which is one of my favorite parts of fall clothing! Comfy and cozy warm!

  11. I love your top!!! Very cute. Love seeing your take on the HWWI outfit!

  12. it seems like several people focused on the neutral aspects of the inspiration photo which i kind of neglected. utah weather is totally crazy especially right now.