Saturday, September 19, 2015

That One Time I Made a Short Video

A couple days ago I decided that it would be fun to put a bunch of clips of Nicole together into a short video!

Full disclosure: I'm a complete novice. No experience, no fancy go-pro equipment, filming at different times of day so the lighting and colors are all different, I had one heck of a time getting the camera to focus properly, and I used Windows Movie Maker (which is super basic) so the video is nothing fancy and there's no editing on the shots... but excuses aside! I am dang proud of it!

Doug commented after watching it: "This is totally going to make us cry in 20 years!" to which I responded, "No, it'll make us cry in ONE year!"

Really, though. She grows too fast.


  1. That song was perfect for the video!!!
    That tooth drives me crazy.
    She is one active little niece. :)

    1. She actually has 4 teeth now! The other 3 just haven't pushed down far enough to see easily yet. :)