Sunday, October 4, 2015

Nicole // 10 Months

Doug and I agree that Nicole needs to stay our little baby forever... but that's just not happening, so here we go with another monthly update!

This baby was extremely distracted by all the yummy leaves and noisy ducks at the little pond, by the way. I could not for the life of me get her to look at the camera! Heck, I could barely get her to smile for me once we were anywhere near the ducks! But the leaves on the ground were too pretty to pass up...

In the past month, Nicole jumped from having 1 tooth to having 4 teeth! Two front teeth on bottom and two side teeth on top. Yep, she looks like she has vampire fangs. Her front teeth are next in line though -- her gums are so strained and white from them trying to break through. Poor baby.

She's so close to standing on her own! She can manage it for a second or two, but only if she doesn't realize she's doing it. She just needs a little confidence booster! She can walk if we're holding onto her hands... she just doesn't care about walking. She's always on her tiptoes, like in this next picture! Practicing her relevĂ© already ;)

She has discovered how to shake and nod her head... and the movements make her whole body wiggle. I die of cuteness-overload every time.

Pulling all her books off the shelf is one of her favorite pastimes.

When she's happy and/or excited, she'll scrunch up her nose and breath really hard through it.

Her bathtub toys are a big hit! I reserve them for "bath time only" so they don't lose their allure. The red owl is her favorite.

She is so calm when we brush her teeth! Sometimes she even tries to help hold the toothbrush.

She handed me one of her blocks the other day. I was so excited, it's not even funny.

We have to keep the bathroom door closed now because she can unroll toilet paper.

For some reason, she really likes empty yogurt containers more than any other containers.

When she wants to eat she goes "mmmmmm" and starts smacking her lips, or starts saying "Neh neh!" really frantically (though she does that more when she wants to nurse).

I love watching her face light up when her daddy gets home. Melts my heart!

When she hears a dog bark, she tries to copy the sound. She also loves hearing me make animal noises when I read animal books to her; dog, cat, and duck sounds always make her smile.

Bedtime is one of my favorite times with her because once she's done nursing, either Doug or I will read and sing to her before putting her in bed, and she'll just relax in our laps like a chubby sack of flour because she's so drowsy. When we put her in her crib, she promptly gets into her favorite "falling asleep" position (on her tummy with her arms tucked under her and her bum in the air) and falls asleep within minutes.

Oh, and she officially has a food she doesn't like... and, ironically enough, it's the first food I ever gave her: avocado! I tried feeding her some a few days ago, and she was pulling all sorts of faces. For the next few days, any time I tried to feed her something green (pesto on bread, for example) she would be really wary about it until she was sure it wasn't avocado.

At least she likes pesto, right?

Doug and I watch this video every few days and just shake our heads at how cute she is. I wish I had created more videos like this when she was younger because she has already changed so much! Although... to be fair, making long videos was the last thing on my mind in those early months.

Oh, how we love this curious, easily-distracted, happy little girl!

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