Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween (the one where I FINALLY dress up!)

A nearly 11-month-old baby can't really appreciate holidays, so her parents have to appreciate them for her! ;) We took Nicole over to the annual party at the Recreation Center so she could trick-or-treat there, and she was very quiet and solemn as she looked at all the decorations and costumes. She grabbed a piece of salt water taffy out of the first candy bowl she was offered and just held it in her fist while she furrowed her brow and stared at everything. I think she was just too confused by all the unusual sights and sounds to care about candy.

She livened up at the little party we attended afterwards, though. She did spend most of the time we were there eating a huge helping of the pumpkin & sausage soup I made, but she got some play time in anyways. I expected her to get cranky, but she was still go-go-going when we stopped by her grandma's house to visit!

If I had known that she would still only have the two side teeth on Halloween, I would have dressed her up as a vampire. The pictures are out of focus, but I can't help sharing... look at those baby fangs!

Our costumes this year were Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Nikki Mouse! (AKA Mini Minnie). I just wanted to keep things simple and classic, and it was actually the first time Doug and I have dressed up for Halloween since being married. I know, we're so lame.

Doing family costumes was really fun, and I've decided that I want to try doing family costumes every year. Mainly, I was inspired by the family I saw where the mom was dressed up as Emperor Kuzco and the dad was dressed up as Kronk. He had a baby carrier on his back, and it was decked out like the contraption that Kronk carries Yzma around in. I didn't catch sight of the baby inside, but I would not be surprised if she were dressed like Yzma. It was SUCH a cute family costume.

Fun fact: Doug and I went to play racquetball on Saturday morning, and once we were done I went up to the desk to finally get a Child Watch pass for Nicole since we use the Child Watch so often. I had already dressed her in her costume, and she needed a picture for her pass... so now she's forever immortalized in the Rec. Center system as Minnie Mouse. I think it's SO funny.

Anyways, I hope you all had a fun weekend! Lots of love from Mickey, Minnie, and Mini Minnie!


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