Monday, November 30, 2015

Life Behind the {New} Lens

***Very random photo-dump warning ;)

My Christmas present this year is a new lens for my camera. Yay! It came in the mail a few weeks ago, and I told Doug that there was no way I was waiting until Christmas to test it out. SO... over the past couple weeks while this blog has been silent, I've been busy testing this bad boy out, along with a myriad of other activities.

Sometimes, I'm extremely glad that I don't have readers that expect me to post every weekday, let alone at least once per week :P My youngest sister is the one who reminds me I need to write new blog posts so she can read them... So here you go, Jenna!

Nicole is my constant (and almost exclusive) photography test subject, of course. Cutie.

I even caught a picture of her standing by herself...

But that's old news. She's walking now. Well... her record is 9 steps in a row. But I'm counting it as walking, and it makes her look so grown-up.

In other news...

Reading: Just finished with "Enchantment" by Orson Scott Card, next in line is "A Light Between Oceans" by M.L. Stedman. Thank you, Relief Society book club.

Eating: yam/sweet potato chunks baked with coconut oil and broiled for a couple minutes to make them crispy (idea courtesy of Valerie S). Add a bit of salt and YUM. Also, lots of homemade bread. And no-bake cookies.

Wearing: ALL the clothing from LuLaRoe!!!!! I'm hosting a pop-up boutique this weekend, for all you locals who want to come! This is one of the cute dresses I got from LuLaRoe:

^^^Nicole crawled into the shot, around behind me, and then between my legs. It was funny.

Listening to: I will admit... my Christmas playlist made an appearance a couple times during November (now I can pull out all the stops! Hello, official Christmas season!) But mostly, Disney music. Thank you Nicole.

Looking forward to: Nicole's birthday in a few days!!! Cake smash! Cake smash! :D

Editing: The pictures you see below of my friend and her husband. It was the very first time I've done an actual photoshoot (not just casual shots) for someone other than Nicole. I still have a LOT to learn about photography, and a LOT of practicing to do... but considering this was my first time, I'd have to say... not half bad!

Plus, they are cuties.

I want/need more practice with photography, so feel free to talk to me if you want pictures taken and we can work out the details! I'll just warn you that I'm a (very) far cry from being a professional.

We had my brother over for Thanksgiving, and although Nicole was initially very wary when she saw that there was someone sleeping on the couch who hadn't been there when she went to bed the night before, she warmed up to him pretty quickly.

Also, it warms my heart to see how much this girl loves her daddy.

Other fun things recently:
  • attending a BYU vs Fresno State football game with Nicole in tow
  • lots of Café Rio in celebration of 4 years since our first date
  • doing pumpkin facials with my cousin (and the mask contained very active ingredients, so it basically burned our faces off. Not really, but still.)
  • putting up Christmas decorations!
  • seeing how entranced Nicole gets when it snows
  • a midday date to see "Beauty & the Beast" at BYU. By the way, I really really really loved George's twist on the tale. George is an amazing director, and he always strays from the beaten path with his interpretations of well-known shows. For this one... put steam-punk-themed costumes/set together with a Gaston who stands on anything and anyone to make up for his short height (Ha!!! Kooper!), and have the two lead roles played by the cutest husband and wife duo, and you get quite a delightful, non-traditional version of the show. I loved it so much.

Prepare yourselves for lots of sappy posts in a few days since our baby girl is nearly one year old! After all... nostalgic (and triumphant) reflections on keeping a child alive for a whole year are basically a non-negotiable requirement when you're a mother. ;)