Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Nicole // 11 Months

Can I just say... babies in overalls are so cute, they're practically edible.

My heart is breaking over this whole "she-only-has-one-month-until-her-birthday" thing. But we'll save the sappy, stereotypical complaints about time going too fast for next month. Meanwhile, let's focus on what this girl is up to currently.

As seen in the pictures, she loves to practice walking with this toy. I was going to wait until her birthday to get a toy like this, but then I started suspecting that she might already be walking by then, so I got it as an early birthday present (she doesn't know the difference anyways) and she loves it!

There she goes!

***More pictures after all the updates. ;)

While she doesn't take steps on her own, she can balance on her feet without holding on to anything for a good several seconds at a time. She's in no hurry to walk... and quite frankly, I'm fine if she takes her time ;)

Her tongue sticks out basically ALL the time. I'm not exaggerating!

She loves her plastic shapes blocks. She plays with them in so many different ways. I love it when she hands them all to me so my hands are full, and it's also funny when she piles them all on one of her cubby shelves and transfers each block over to the next cubby shelf... then back again.

Other favorite items to play with: empty containers, baby bottles, shoes, decks of cards, anything made of paper, and pretty much anything she's not supposed to play with.

She's so ticklish around her neck, tummy, and armpits. I LOVE making her laugh!

Diaper changes and outfit changes are her least-favorite thing in the world nowadays. She screams like a tortured banshee unless I'm able to distract her with an interesting object.

She's trying to transition to taking only one nap. I still give her the opportunity to take a morning nap every day, and sometimes she'll fall asleep... but sometimes she won't. And I'm learning to be okay with that.

It's so fun to watch her climb up stairs. She has no idea how to climb back down, though.

She's finally emerging from the stranger/separation anxiety phase. I can drop her off at Child Watch and she won't let out a single whimper. Sometimes she won't even look back to watch me leave!

She knows what items/areas are off-limits (like cords, or the toilet portion of the bathroom) and she laughs when I catch her heading for something on the forbidden list. It's a fun game to her... "Let's see if I can make it to the toilet and stand up so I can unroll the toilet paper before Mom catches me! Oh no, here she comes! HAHAHAHAHA LOOK WHAT I'M DOING, MOM!" Oh yes. She's so funny.

I often lie on my stomach on the ground when I'm watching her play, and she has started mimicking me! She'll be crawling or playing and then she'll just lie down on her tummy for 10 seconds or so before popping back up again. It's so funny!

She bounces and shakes her finger along with me every now and then when I read her the 5 Little Monkeys book. Speaking of books, she definitely already has favorites. Reading a favorite book to her will calm her down in a heartbeat when she's cranky.

My heart is always so full when I think of this little girl. There's nothing quite like the love of a mother. Nicole, you are such a blessing! I just want to hold you and kiss you and snuggle you forever!


  1. The one nap transition is super hard...Rhys started transitioning at 13 months, and he is now 16 months and not an expert at it yet...there are some days we take two odd naps, somedays one super early nap, most days, not a long enough nap. Buckle in and continue to be patient and go with her flow like you are now!

    1. It's so tricky! I never know if it'll be a one nap day or a two nap day. It throws all my scheduling out the window sometimes ;)