Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas in CA

We had a great time hitting up my hometown for the holidays. Not only was Nicole perfectly angelic on the long 12-13 hour trip, she was also much more willing to play with and be held by my family members than when we came in August. It was great to see her act more like her normal, cheesy self. The hardest part of the vacation for her was the weekend we spent up at a cabin in the Shaver Lake area. I'll be making a separate post about the cabin trip though, so we'll leave it at that. (Sorry Shelby, I know you've been waiting for the pictures!)

These pictures are from Christmas morning. Nicole promptly mastered the art of tearing wrapping paper, and then got very bored of it. It's no fun to rip things when people are actually allowing you to! ;) After all, "The more forbid, the greater tastes the pie."

Also, I didn't realize how much my dad was hogging Nicole on Christmas morning until I looked at these pictures. We always call Jenna the hog, but do these pictures show a different truth?? ;) HA!

^^^ So concerned, sometimes. (Those eyebrows!)
^^^This is what happens when Dad falls asleep after presents have been opened ;)

The poor baby injured her left foot about half a week before we went to California, and so she didn't walk for my family until Christmas Eve. By Christmas, she was pretty much back to normal, and now that we're back home she's starting to learn how to run. A running toddler... what a great way to start the new year, right?

Cabin Trip pictures tomorrow, I promise.

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