Monday, January 25, 2016

Healthy BMI For The Win

Three things.

First, I want to promise (particularly to my family who are waiting for updates) that my next post will have Nicole in it. Actually, Nicole will be "taking over" my blog in my next post, so stay tuned for that. Meanwhile, enjoy a cute picture of her walking with her daddy. (Insert all the heart-eye emojis!)

Second, the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook (a companion to the handbook I mentioned in my last post) arrived on my doorstep a week and a half ago, and I don't think I've been this excited about food in quite a while!

I've been eating according to the Trim Healthy Mama plan for over a week now and have been pleased with the recipes so far. A good chunk of them don't require "special ingredients" to make, or have suggestions for substitutions you can make if you don't want to buy things like whey protein and collogen.

The food pictures are gorgeous, the cookbook is written in the same friendly tone as the handbook (which makes it fun to just read the cookbook to see what Barrett and Allison will say), and I particularly love how there's a combination of single-serve and family-serve recipes, and that some recipes have instructions for both single- and family-serve so you don't have to do the math yourself! I can't wait to share my THM journey with you guys in a month or two once I've been able to get the feel of this new lifestyle.

^^^Plus... I get to eat stuff like this. Without feeling guilty. I put a couple strawberries in it, so it tastes like a Chocolate Moo'd from Jamba Juice, only waaaaaay healthier. Heaven in a jar!

Third... joining me on my THM journey is a brand new bathroom scale. This was a long time coming because our old scale was a little sketch, and it turns out that it displayed my weight as a couple pounds higher than it actually was. NOT a good feeling, people. It was also so annoying to assume that Nicole was a very robust weight, only to go to the doctor and be told that she was a pound or two lighter than we thought.

^^^Nicole checking out one of my body weight percentages ;)

The Precision BODYCHECK Digital Body Fat Scale (which, by the way, looks way too fancy to be sitting in our dingy, dark little apartment bathroom) is much more accurate. It also measures your BMI, body fat, body water, body muscle, and bone mass. It can save weight profiles for up to 8 people, and takes into consideration your height, age, and activity level.

^^^Sorry if you have a weird deal with seeing people's feet. Also, Nicole has taken over profiles 6 and 8. According to how she's programmed profile 6, she's an athletic 27-year-old man. This is where I insert several laughing-with-tears emojis. ;)

Nothing made me happier than to step on the scale, see a weight that was 3 pounds lighter than what our old scale displayed, and be told that my BMI was in a perfectly healthy range. One of the main reasons I've come to terms with my new post-baby weight is because I'm still a perfectly healthy BMI for my height and age. I don't think I'll ever weigh the same as I did pre-baby, but as long as I'm active and feeling healthy (and now, thanks to THM, eating healthy) then the weight doesn't matter.

Although I must say... stepping on the scale today to see my weight the lowest it has been in the past year+ was a pretty good feeling! I'm excited to see where Trim Healthy Mama takes me.

I received a copy of Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook from Blogging For Books and the BODYCHECK Scale from Tomoson in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are completely my own!


  1. Awesome post! Can't wait to see how your journey goes and where it takes you.

    1. I'm already loving THM, that's for sure!

  2. I so desire to be a healthy BMI again. CONGRATULATIONS! You look fantastic, too! I was at the highest end of the healthy range when I got pregnant so I really didn't have any wiggle room. I'm ready to really take my diet more seriously--I exercise all the time and feel good about that, but don't feel great about my diet. I'll be waiting to hear more from your THM journey!

    1. Thanks! I was the same way for a long while... I felt fine about my exercising, but awful about my diet. It's tricky!