Monday, February 1, 2016

The One Where Nicole Takes Over

Hey, you guys. This is Nicole speaking!

Mommy let me take over for the day! I'm gonna tell you guys about how things are going right now, and Mommy's typing for me.

^^^I probably carry my 2 horses around more than any other stuffed animal. Yay for horses!

I'm pretty good at playing around the apartment, but sometimes I get a little stir crazy. Mommy won't let me play outside too much because it's freezing, but sometimes we'll go on walks or she'll bundle me up and let me walk around on the balcony while she watches from inside. Silly Mommy doesn't want to be out in the cold! My favorite is when we drive somewhere, like to a store or go to the Recreation Center so I can play with my friends there or go swimming. The ladies at the Child Watch are obsessed with me, apparently. I don't know what the big deal is... I just really like to smile, laugh, and talk! I cried when Mama came to pick me up after her class today because I didn't want to leave yet! (But... I was also really tired. That probably had something to do with it.)

Music is fun, and I like to dance. My favorite songs are the ones that are upbeat and jazzy. I really like those drums and brass instruments! Mommy's trying to get me hooked more on Disney music, but I prefer nursery rhymes right now. I love playing pat-a-cake! And singing along when Mom sings "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"!

Speaking of fun, I love trying to drop things in the trashcan. I almost got away with dropping 2 dominoes in there a while ago, but Mommy saw me do it, so she dug through the trash to get them back out again. Now she won't let me play with the dominoes anymore, and she puts heavy things on the trashcan lid. I retaliated that evening by grabbing the end of the toilet paper and parading down the hallway with it unrolling behind me. Now THAT was funny! Silly Mom and Dad should know better than to leave the bathroom door open!

Let's see. I love books, and I make sure to bring lots of books to Mommy all day long so she can read to me. I also love carrying around shoes and turning the TV on and off. Except Mom and Dad unplug it now when they're not using it. Wow, they really know how to ruin my fun, don't they?!

Food is awesome. I love fruit and veggies the most, as well as everything with dairy in it. I've decided that I don't like chicken, beans, or rice. Or fish. Or leafy greens. But other things are good. I'm trying to learn how to use those pointy forks, but I just can't get the hang of it.

^^^I really like looking out the window. Especially when daddy gets home. It's also fun to watch snow fall, and we've had a lot of it the past couple days!

I've had a slightly stuffy nose recently, so I've had to breathe out of my mouth. It's just more fun to breathe that way if my tongue is sticking out too, and my parents get a big kick out of that. I still love to snuggle, and I've started giving out kisses spontaneously instead of just when Mom and Dad ask for them. That little trick won me some big brownie points. I also frequently ask for hugs because, like I said, I love my cuddles.

The blender and vacuum scare me, I sometimes close my bedroom door and play by myself without Mama interrupting, and I like using my little broom to "sweep" all over the house. I'm a happy girl who loves life, and I love my parents so, so, so much. Mommy keeps telling me to stop growing, but I like being able to reach the edge of the table and some of the counters, so I'm just going to keep growing anyways. Don't worry Mama, I'll always be your little girl, even if I'm not always so little!