Friday, May 20, 2016

Zoo Trip

This was our first time going to the Hogle Zoo in SLC! Doug was even able to tag along with us for the day. The last time Nicole went to a zoo was a year ago in Fresno, so this was a fresh experience for her. She waved at a lot of animals today, and her favorites ended up being the ducks and geese swimming in the elephant enclosure. Go figure... the animals who weren't actually part of the zoo ;) She sat there clapping her hands and making duck noises, and then she'd run away down the sidewalk and draw many comments about her chubby legs and cute smile along the way.

She's a charmer, that one.

 ^^^Pushing things = one of her favorite pastimes. Also, see what I mean by chubby legs?! :D
 ^^^Exhibit A: Nicole's favorite animals from our trip today. That girl...
 ^^^Exhibit B: This pretty kitty was MY favorite. Most of the big cats were napping/hiding today, but this one was restlessly pacing his cage.

Only downer of the trip: Nicole fell asleep during the last 10-15 minutes of the drive home, and then refused to finish her nap. She usually gets a 2 hour nap (3 hours yesterday! And 4 hours the day before! Growth spurt!) so I'm not surprised that she's extremely cranky this evening. I'm listening to her screech her head off upstairs right now while Doug tries to force her into her pajamas. Cranky. Absolutely cranky. Being a toddler is so hard, you guys. ;)

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