Sunday, June 5, 2016

Baby #2 // 20 Weeks

I'm at the halfway point!!! I wish I could include a gender reveal with this bumpdate, but we don't find out the gender until later this week. Eeeek! Guess, if you want!

Truth be told, there isn't a whole lot that has changed in the past several weeks. I can feel the baby move on a daily basis now, and Doug was able to feel a kick about 2 weeks ago. I can see my belly move when he/she kicks too! Eeeeeee! :) I'm pretty sure that feeling the baby move will always be my favorite part of pregnancy.

I've gained a total of 7-8 lbs so far (right on track with my weight gain goals! Yes!), and I've already had a couple mild instances where heartburn has shown it's ugly face, but that's really it. Oh, and mild insomnia. No ligament pain, my mood has leveled out, no swelling yet... I'm cruising through pregnancy pretty nicely right now! I even have non-maternity pants that still fit me - button, zipper, and all!

I've already gotten a couple of "You don't look pregnant!" and "Wait, you're already 20 weeks? You don't look like it!" comments - because apparently you're supposed to get big way earlier with your second pregnancy. It doesn't help that I often walk around with tall posture and my core engaged, so that totally sucks my baby bump in and hides it.

I can make myself look really pregnant when I want to though! You just have to arch your back and stick out your gut! (Which is what I usually do in bumpdate pictures to show the bump off. I suppose it's kind of deceptive haha).

And now, just for fun... gender prediction test results! These are very often wrong, but still... they're fun! I dunno guys, things seem pretty even to me! What do you think?

Indications it's a girl:
  • Mood swings
  • I'm still pretty graceful and balanced
  • We already have a girl name that we agree on
  • I really want fruit and sweet things more than other foods
  • The baby's heartbeat is above 140 bpm
Indications it's a boy:
  • Doug hasn't gained sympathy weight
  • I dreamed it was a girl (apparently, dreams are opposite)
  • I sleep on my left side more than my right
  • My age at conception + year = odd number
  • No morning sickness
  • The Chinese Gender Chart says so ;)

We'll find out in a few days! So excited! I mean, look at that last picture. That's the face of an excited mama. I feel like I can finally start planning for the baby once I know the gender.

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  1. Hands down.... I think it's a boy. Remember, I got it right last time!
    Love ya!
    Your sis