Saturday, June 4, 2016

Nicole // 18 months

One and a half years of cheesy, chubby Nicole goodness! We love this little Chub Chub so much. And yes, she still warrants that nickname because of the rolls on the back of her legs and the fact that her neck is often still hidden by her chin rolls ;)

****More pictures after the updates :D

At 18 months, Nicole:

- Will play with anything and everything that she can push. Strollers, carts, empty boxes, laundry baskets, push toys, her high chair, the trash can... if she can push it, she'll be entertained.

- Only says a small handful of words regularly (mama, dad, hello, hi, bye, yes, no, stop, thanks) but is capable of saying a variety of words (bird, yogurt, breakfast, toys, baby, water, cereal, milk, book, and silly, to name a few)

- Loves her flower blanket, her yellow kitty, and her baby doll. These are the big 3 items that she refuses to let other kids touch. She sleeps with her blanket under one arm and her kitty under the other.

- Has 12 teeth, with 2 more on the way

- Loves being outside

- Only watches Daniel Tiger. Other shows or movies do not hold her interest very well. She is allowed to watch one episode of Daniel Tiger per day, which she gets very excited for... and then she sits snuggled up in the crook of my arm as we watch it together.

- Has already been going to nursery (a class for 18 month - 3 year olds at church) for a month, and has adapted very well. She prefers to be held by one of the adults at most times (except snack time and coloring time), but she'll ease into it.

- Reads to herself with much gusto. She'll turn pages and point at pictures and babble away.

- Is currently going through a Daddy phase. She loves playing with her daddy, and every night for the past little while when we ask her who she wants to put her to bed, she always chooses her daddy. SO cute.

- Is obsessed with our garage door. She loves pushing the button to open it when we go out to the car, and she claps every time it opens or closes.

- Spends a lot of time perched on one of the staircases, playing with toys or other random odds and ends

- Refuses to let me put bows or headbands on her head. Sometimes I can sneak a bow on, but she eventually notices and tugs it off.

- Is still occasionally mistaken as a boy. I blame the fact that her hair is so fine and hasn't completely come in yet. And the fact that she won't wear bows. ;)

- Loves waving, giving high fives, playing peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake, and will clap her hands and stomp her feet if you start singing "If You're Happy and You Know It".

- Excitedly goes up to every baby she sees so she can pat them on the head and try to poke their nose.

- Can (usually) correctly identify her: nose, eyes, mouth, tummy, toes, hands, head, ears, and feet. Nose and belly are her favorite ones.

- Is SO good at solo play. (I pray she keeps this up once the baby comes!) I can get in a good 30 minute at-home barre/yoga/zumba/etc workout every day and she'll just play around me and sometimes dance with me or go under my legs.

- Loves to dance! Sing a song she recognizes, and she'll rock out, as seen in the pictures below (I was singing to get her to cooperate... she just wanted to run around! Typical toddler).

She is so happy. I love walking into her room in the morning to see her smiling face. She is so enthusiastic about the things she loves, always finds ways to have fun, and is the master of getting strangers to smile, wave, and even laugh. I hope this addictive little personality of hers always stays bright and strong! Nicole, we love you soooooo much!

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