Sunday, July 31, 2016

Fresno Trip for 2016

We try our best to make it out to California at least once a year to see my family (I managed to visit 3x last year!) and this year's trip happened this past week! I want to go back in a month for my grandparents' 50th anniversary, but after arriving home a few days ago with veeeeery swollen feet from sitting in the car so long, I'm wary about making the drive again - especially because Doug can't come. (Also... imagine trying to wrangle a toddler by myself at 7 months pregnant while trying to use a gross public bathroom! Ugh!) Flying is an option, but how do I make a toddler sit on my lap for a couple hours straight when my lap is disappearing with every passing day?! Pregnancy problems, yo.

Anyways. Thanks to accidentally leaving my charging cord at home and having a low battery to begin with, the camera only came out on one occasion, and I only got a couple pics. Swimming. And Nicole wasn't loving it. Oh well!

Overall, Nicole had a blast on this trip. She almost constantly had someone to play with, ate way more sweets than normal, saw some fun animals at the Chaffee Zoo, went swimming a couple times (but wasn't a huge fan), and she used up SO much energy. She took 3-hour naps on a daily basis and slept soundly through the night every evening. She's a trooper, and she also handled the car ride surprisingly well. It probably helped that I let her eat snacks in the car for once... ;)

We were staying with my grandparents, but went over to my family's house every morning once we were done with breakfast and ready for the day. Nicole would go to the front door, point at it, tell us it was time to go, and bring us her shoes because she was always so excited to get back over to my family's home and play. So sweet.

I get more and more reclusive each time I visit Fresno. Sorry, friends! Actually, I was reeeeally lazy this whole trip. I vegged on the couch while Nicole was entertained by my family. There were many homemade treats consumed, not a single day where I followed my exercise regime, and more than one occasion where I ate Me-n-Ed's pizza - because no trip to Fresno is complete without eating that glorious pizza! I wish I could have a Me-n-Ed's right by my house in Utah. *Sigh...

I don't regret all the no-bake cookies I ate, even though it resulted in me gaining weight a little too quickly. Time to reign it in for the next couple weeks so that I'm back on track again! I've said it before... I'm determined to not break 30 lbs for this pregnancy, you guys.

Thanks, family, for the good times! And thanks, Fresno, for having an awesome pizza chain. It almost makes up for the fact that it was over 100 degrees every single day. ;) Yuck. But it's okay, Utah Valley has welcomed us back with overcast skies and even a bit of rain! Summer thunderstorms, maybe????

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