Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Already Nesting

^^^^^Getting closer and closer to the due date = satiating the baby hunger by looking through old pictures of Nicole's first year of life. Where did my little baby girl go?!

I'm still a little more than 2 months away from my due date, but nesting is 100% real for this mama. I have nearly all of the clothes I need for baby boy's first 9 months of life (thank you, KSL), we got a car seat for him (the one we used for Nicole expired), there are little boy swaddles and bath towels to spare, I even began packing my hospital bag! Never too soon, right? Haha!

Nesting extends beyond preparing for the baby, of course. I felt like super mom yesterday. I ran 3 loads of laundry, a dishwasher load, spent an hour doing my favorite Barre workout class at the rec center, got Nicole to eat broccoli at dinner (more than one piece!), started sorting through one of my "odds-and-ends" boxes left over from when we moved, Nicole and I read lots of books and had lots of tickle wars, I even did some yard work!

Tonight I made chicken parm, and then we had a good 40 people come through our house to munch on Italian bruschetta for an "Eating Around the World" activity. Nicole was in bed without argument at 7:30 despite all the noise and excitement, the kitchen was all cleaned up by 8:45, and now we're sitting and watching Netflix. Evenings like this make me feel like I get so much done.

^^^^^Gah, baby feet!

And yet, despite the nesting...

I feel like there's so much left to do.

Pregnancy insomnia doesn't get any easier when your mind keeps thinking about all the things you want/need to do. We've got to buy a bed for Nicole so we can transfer her out of the crib. There's an embarrassing amount of weeds taking over our yard and lawn. We have some painting and re-carpeting to do in the upstairs bedrooms, I want to finish my decluttering project (more info on that in an upcoming post) so that our spare rooms are empty and ready for guests to use, our bare walls need some decoration... the list goes on and on.

It gets overwhelming. Preggo hormones are on the rise again, so that doesn't help. Thank you, third trimester.


Sometimes I just sit on the couch and read. Or nap. Or count how many times the baby kicks. Or I sit here on a Tuesday evening and watch Netflix. I do anything except think about my to-do list. And it's great.

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