Sunday, August 28, 2016

Baby #2 // 32 Weeks

I'm officially over 7 months along and I haven't hit the "I'm tired of being pregnant, get this baby out!" phase yet, so I'd say things are chugging right along! Just 8 weeks to go. Crazy. Since it's been a while since my last bumpdate, I'll make this one a little more detailed than my others have been.

Baby is: The size of a squash.

Sleep: Sometimes I have trouble falling asleep, but comfort isn't the problem - it's getting my brain to shut off! How many times can your brain re-think about the same topics?!?! Over and over and over! But once I fall asleep, I'm out for the night (aside from waking up to turn over in bed, which is starting to take some effort). I often have the urge to nap in the afternoons while Nicole is napping. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don't.

Symptoms: Just some weird dreams and occasional back pain. The only other symptom is that I feel faintly car sick unless I'm the one driving. How strange! It's only been happening the past week, but... it's just a really strange symptom to have. No swelling or heartburn or new stretch marks yet, though!

Mood: My mood goes crazy on occasion, but mostly I'm still my normal self. I'm guessing that I have at least another 3-4 weeks of peace before the more extreme mood swings start. Hormone levels get crazy in those last few weeks. At least I'll be expecting it this time around.

Braxton Hicks: Yep, I've been having them for several weeks now, at least once per day, usually more. They're short and painless, and it's a great opportunity to practice relaxing into the contraction. I want to do a meds-free delivery, and it's time to start mentally preparing myself for that.

Baby's movement: He doesn't sharply kick me anymore; rather, he makes strong, deliberate pushes against my stomach, and spends a lot of time shifting around to get comfy. Also, this little dude gets SO many hiccups! There was one evening where he had the hiccups 3 different times in the space of a couple hours. Cute, but also annoying because I always feel the hiccups in my cervix, and it tickles in a very aggravating sort of way.

My movement: I haven't started doing the "preggo waddle" yet, but I generally can't swoop over to pick things up off the floor anymore; I have to squat, but hey, that's good for my legs, right? I have to move more slowly when I'm getting up off the floor or out of bed now too.

Wedding Rings: On all the time. Even when I exercise (which is awesome because at this time last pregnancy my fingers would swell up when I was active.)

Belly Button: I can hardly believe it, but... it popped! Well, kind of. When I'm standing or sitting upright it pops (but just barely) and it turns back into an "innie" when I'm lying down.

Weight gain report: I was sick last weekend and didn't eat much, so I ended up losing weight. I'm currently 1 pound lighter than what I was aiming to be at 32 weeks. Hey, I'm not complaining, and the sickness was very short... but just long enough to reset my appetite and eating habits. It's like I got a clean slate, and it's been great to eat well this past week.

Exercise report: I missed 2 days last weekend from being sick, but aside from that I haven't missed a single day since we returned from our vacation back in July! 6 days a week for at least 30 mins, baby! (Sunday is my rest day).

What I've done/bought for baby: Nothing new to report. Right now I'm just trying to find the perfect double stroller, and I'm stalking KSL looking at the Mamaroo's that get posted because MAN those things look amazing.

Best moments: This isn't baby-related, but... it made my month to be able to see Newsies on tour in Salt Lake City two days ago. It became one of my top 5 shows on my "To See" bucket list the moment I found out they were bringing it to the stage!

Looking forward to: Having our master bedroom renovation finally completed in the next week or two. We've been waiting for cooler weather to do the painting and whatnot since the master bedroom is the only bedroom with a ceiling fan, and it's just too hot at night to sleep without it. We finally moved our furniture to the spare room and patched the drywall, now we just have to texture, sand, prime, and paint! And once we do that, we can replace the carpet in the baby's room and paint Nicole's room, and then get her switched to her very own big girl bed. Yep. Eeek! The goal is to have the entire top floor of our house completed before October.

Things are getting real, and I'm getting excited! So close to newborn snuggles and nursing and baby clothes! We just won't think about the sleep deprivation and hormones and whatnot ;)

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