Thursday, September 29, 2016

Nicole Says // Vol. 1

This will likely become a regular series over the next couple years as Nicole becomes more verbal and starts saying clever, hilarious gems that only a toddler/preschooler can say. For this first post, it's mostly just a record (for my sake) of her favorite words and sayings. Nothing terribly clever or hilarious yet since she's not speaking in sentences, but still... Gotta make sure her cute speech is documented foreeeeverrrrr!!!!!

^^^Blurry, but I still love that last picture because she was so excited about who knows what. She was running back and forth and just pointing at the sky and "tees" (trees).

She loves to play Ring Around the Rosy, and when nobody is playing with her she just sings it to herself by repeating "Wa-awa, waaawa!" over and over in a sing-song voice. I've caught her spinning around in her crib singing this to herself when she's supposed to be taking a nap! Haha!

Favorite word these days: baby, probably because of the baby in mommy's tummy. She points out any baby she sees (real life or picture) and carries her baby doll around saying "Bae-bee! Bae-bee!"

She never says mommy/mama/daddy/dada... just mom and dad. So mature haha. She's very precise about her consonants, to the point that dad sounds like "Dadt" when she says it. And "Mam! MAM! MAAAAM!" is what I get to hear all day, every day. ;)

She loves giving a big, loud "CHEESE!" when getting her picture taken, especially if she's attempting a selfie with mommy's "foe" (phone). Her selfies usually consist of part of her forehead and a lot of ceiling.

"Fie... two... twee, wah, two! Ewah wocket, uh uh uh.... vrooooooom!" is regularly sung. Translation: "Five... four... three, two, one! Everyone to rocket, rev it up now! Vroooooom!" (It's a line from the theme song of the tv show Little Einsteins, for those of you who don't recognize it.)

When we give her a choice of what book to read before bed, she often gets excited and shouts out "lee-buh!" (ladybug) for the book "10 Little Ladybugs". It's a favorite around here, most likely because she gets to "count" the ladybugs. Her numbers are totally out of order, but she loves trying.

When we pull up to the chapel on Sundays she says "Chuch!" and gets so excited because she loves going to nursery and learning about "Chesus" (Jesus), and she's very good about saying "ay-meh!" (amen) at the end of prayers.

She loves to have mommy put on her "saws" (socks) and "shoos" (shoes) so she can go "ow-sigh" (outside) and go on walks.

I've mentioned this before, but "Nooooo, mine!" is a favorite phrase right now, and is often immediately followed by the phrase "Tahp it!" (stop it). Sometimes she'll just walk around saying "Mine, mine, mine, me, mine..." to herself.

I've caught her starting to repeat some of my top-said phrases, such as "There it goes" or "Oh really?" or when something bad happens saying "Oh nooooo!" in a really sad voice.

And then, of course, there's a whole slew of random words that she says (or repeats after I say them) that I can't keep track of. The funny sentences will start up soon, I'm sure. That's when the real fun begins! I adore this girl! I love seeing what will come out of her mouth next!

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