Wednesday, October 5, 2016

An Evening at Cornbelly's

Going to Cornbelly's was a "must" on my fall bucket list this year, especially since Nicole's old enough to enjoy parts of it. I wanted to make absolutely certain that we got to go before the baby arrives, so we went as early in the season as we could manage... aka, yesterday! The perk of going during this first week: no lines for anything. So nice.

I was bummed to discover that Nicole did not like the corn cob beach AT. ALL. and wanted to climb back out the moment I put her in. I had visions of getting some cute pictures of her rolling around in a giant pit of corn kernels... yeah. Not this year, Ashley.

I decided to try taking video clips for this trip instead of pictures... and I discovered that I'm horrible at getting variety (not to mention the evening lighting was horrible for filming without better equipment) BUT the little video I included should give you an idea of what Nicole enjoyed most on this outing: riding in the various tractor-pulled rides (hence why most of the video is so shaky), exploring, going down giant slides with Doug, and climbing on all the play structures. In fact, those things are what we did the whole time, aside from when we watched the pig races. The cow train was her favorite ride, although she liked seeing the jack-o-lanterns lit up all along the grain train trail (we saved that one for the end when it was dark).

This will be a fun place to bring our kids back to every year. The older they get, the more fun they'll have with all the activities! Especially with things like the corn maze and the haunted areas. I wish I could've gone in those, but Nicole would have died and had nightmares for life. Haha!

Yay for fall and Halloween!


  1. I LOVE that video!

    So excited to have a nephew!

    Nicole will be such a great big sister.

    Love, Jenna

    1. I'm definitely excited to see her be a big sister!