Sunday, October 30, 2016

One Week Down

Hey, guys! Just a little shout-out to the universe to say we're doing great and things are settling down just fine over here at the Kelly home. We love this little man a LOT! Newborn squeaks are the cutest sound, and the faces they make are even cuter! Look at his little "smile" (so excited for real smiles in a few weeks!)

I was able to have my mom here for a couple days to help out this past week, and I'm pretty sure that's the only reason I'm not a hormonal zombie right now. Mommy's are awesome. Doug has 2 days of paternity leave left to use, and then I'm on my own! Austin is a chill baby so far, and seems to sleep a bit better than his sister did in the newborn days. I feel much more confident in understanding his cues and needs than I did with Nicole (makes sense, second-time mom...) Not to mention nursing is easier and practically painless this time, my afterbirth contractions have disappeared already, and I have the joy of watching Nicole obsess over her baby brother. She goes looking for him when I have him tucked away in the pack-n-play for naps, gets concerned when he cries, tries to feed him cheese-it's, attempts to pick him up constantly, and loves to point at his nose, eyes, ears, etc. I'm so excited to watch their relationship grow as Austin gets more interactive!

In other news, I'm craving pumpkin cookies. I think I'll make some tonight while Austin's taking his mid-evening siesta. ;)

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