Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Austin // 1 month

One month, my goodness! That was fast. And this kid is quite the handsome little man already! His smile. I die. So far there are quite a few similarities between him and Nicole in terms of their temperament and whatnot. They're definitely siblings.

At one month, Austin:

- LOVES baths. He wiggles around in the sink making barely a sound. He likes taking showers with me too.

- HATES being cold. Diaper changes are a love-hate relationship because he appreciates having a clean diaper but hates being exposed to chilly air. When his room is warm from afternoon sunshine, he'll be quite content during his diaper changes. Otherwise he shrieks at the top of his little lungs until I start putting his clothes back on.

- Has smiled at me every morning since he turned 3 weeks old. It's a great way to start the day. Happy baby!

- Only sleeps for 2-3 hour stretches at the most right now. Occasionally he'll sleep longer.

- Loves being swaddled.

- Prefers being held during naps and co-sleeping with us at night, but I've started making him sleep in his crib more.

- Tolerates "tummy time" for up to 5 minutes before getting grouchy. He's rolled from tummy to back a couple times already.

- Is not a huge pacifier fan. Nicole was completely indifferent to pacifiers, but Austin will accept them IF he's settling down to sleep and IF he is in the right mood... but even then, he'll still spit the pacifier out right before falling asleep.

- Eats like a champ and is gaining weight really well. I'm guessing he's close to 10 pounds right now.

- Prefers to be held in a way that allows him to see the world. He's content if he can see over our shoulder or if we hold him so he faces outward. Perhaps that's why he doesn't like being put in a baby carrier when he's alert; he can't see everything as well.

- Is starting to make some cooing noises when he's alert and content. So sweet!

^^^That little smile, you guys!!!!!!!

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