Monday, November 28, 2016

Snow Day

The first major snowfall of the season happened today! When it finally stopped snowing in the late afternoon, we bundled up and went out to explore the winter wonderland! Nicole was all smiles, Doug got the driveway shoveled, and I wandered around with Austin strapped to me under my coat. He snoozed the whole time, all cozy and warm. It's his favorite way to nap, actually... he took two nearly-3-hour-long naps today, both times while I was wearing him in a baby carrier!

Then it got dark, the snow started back up with a vengeance, soon it looked like the driveway hadn't been shoveled at all (aaah, winter...) and we settled in for an evening of comfort food and keeping warm by the fireplace. I had a vision pop into my head of some winter day in the future when our kids are older and we come inside from a snow day to drink hot chocolate and watch a Christmas movie by the fire and it made my heart feel so warm and full.

Family, you guys. Family.

^^^^Snow won't stop her from pushing her little stroller! Hahaha!
^^^^Under the snow, the tree in our yard is still a rainbow of color.

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