Friday, December 23, 2016

Austin // 2 Months

We're teetering on the brink of Austin exiting the "newborn" phase and it makes me a little sad. So fast! So very fast! But at the same time, it will be nice to see him get more interactive.

At 2 months, Austin:

+ Weighs nearly 11 pounds. He's not quite as chunky as Nicole was, but those little cheeks are still so kissable!

+ Doesn't mind being in his car seat (he smiled all through the grocery store yesterday while chilling in his seat) but HATES being in the car because he can't see and interact with us. We need to get this kid a mirror or something so he can see us.

+ Goes to bed around 8:30-9:00 and sleeps for a 5 hour stretch! Whoo!!!! He started doing that about 1.5 weeks ago, and I've been soaking it up. He did 8 hours straight a couple nights ago and it was MAGICAL.

+ Is SUCH a smiley, happy little thing. I think he'll be a people-person like his sister, he already smiles exuberantly at strangers.

+ Rolls tummy-to-back like a pro. I was actually trying to take some pictures of him on his tummy for this post, but every time I put him on his tummy he would roll right over before I could take a good picture. He doesn't like being on his tummy ;)

+ Coos and gurgles and makes the most adorable single-syllable laughing sound.

+ Looks like he's going to have blue eyes!

+ Is quite the pro at holding his head up for extended periods of time.

+ Has some clogged tear ducts that won't go away! He hates it when I clean his eyes.

+ If I want him to take a long, solid nap I'll wear him in the baby carrier or Moby wrap. He LOVES snuggling close in those carriers. I seriously wear this kid at least once a day, I don't know how I'd survive without a baby carrier.

+ Enjoys munching on his hands.

+ Is entertained for a solid 15 minutes just lying in the middle of our bed and staring up at the ceiling fan. He kicks and grins and "talks" to that fan like crazy.

+ HAS to have his hand on my skin while he's nursing. He will fuss and wave his hand around until he manages to find some skin; it comforts him.

+ There's a certain way Doug holds him - cradled and facing outward in the crook of Doug's left arm, with Doug's hand holding his feet - that keeps him content all through the newborn "witching hour" in the evening. Only Doug can do it; I try and he cries. Probably because I smell like his next meal and it frustrates him.

Oh man, you guys. We love him.