Monday, January 23, 2017

Austin // 3 Months

We have a full-blown baby on our hands; no more newborn! SO bittersweet. Austin is a cheerful kid with the most adorable belly laugh, which can be triggered by running a finger under his chin and talking in a silly voice. He loves munching on his hands, of course, but in the past few days I've caught him staring at his hands in fascination because he's finally realized, "Hey, those things are attached to me! I can control them!" He's strong enough now to sit for moderate lengths of time in the Bumbo seat. He's pretty good about chilling by himself on the ground while I eat or shower or help Nicole. His clogged tear ducts have finally cleared up, thank goodness.

Sleep updates get their own paragraph. Ha. Austin stubbornly continues to take naps that are rarely longer than 30-40 minutes when he's in his crib, although if we're going to be honest, I'm glad he takes naps in his crib at all. He usually has 4 naps, which is great. Thanks to a combination of growth spurts, "wonder weeks" and a mild cough, he has regressed to 3 hour stretches at night. Back to survival mode! He sleeps with one arm out of the swaddle now. I imagine that within a couple more weeks we'll have him "weaned" off swaddling completely. Aw, no more burrito baby :( Although... this kid gets sweaty easily, even when he's swaddled in just his diaper with the thermostat down at 65 degrees. He won't get as sweaty once he doesn't need to be swaddled.

I still wear him several times a week in the wrap or baby carrier. He is becoming increasingly tolerant of car rides, and he loves watching his big sister run around. He takes his sweet time nursing and either holds my finger or moves his hand in circles while he eats. He started getting very vocal earlier this month and says "ah-goo" over and over. He has even blown some raspberries at me, which was the cutest! He's reaching the stage where he makes high-pitched squeals and screeches, which can be grating on the ears at times, but I love that he's vocal and exploring sounds!

We love this little man!

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