Thursday, March 23, 2017

Austin // 5 Months

^^^Let's take a moment to appreciate the fat rolls on those arms, not to mention those screw-on-wrists. And that glorious double chin. Not to brag or anything, but I get to kiss those cheeks aaaaall day!

As the pictures show, Austin has started to "tripod" (sit using his hands to prop himself) and holds a personal record of a whole minute. I can't believe how big he looks sitting up by himself. That's the only major physical milestone to report; he's still content to lie in one place instead of roll around. He's an extremely chill baby; not even favorite toys or people motivate him to move. During tummy time, he prefers to be propped up over the nursing pillow so he can look around with ease and not tire as quickly. He is a carbon copy of Nicole, I'm not even kidding. She was the same way about rolling and moving.

He loves gumming on Sophie the Giraffe, and his bottom gums are starting to look a little white so he might be preparing to cut teeth. I hope he's an easy teether.

When it comes to naps, this kid thrives on structure and predictability. If we have one "off day" with naps (*cough*cough*every*single*Sunday) it throws him off and I have to work for a day or two to get him napping well again. And of course, bad naps affect how well he sleeps at night.

We have started him on solids. As of today, he has sampled banana, apple, butternut squash, avocado, carrots, and pears. He was not a huge fan of avocado, but I think the texture was to blame for that. I've also let him suck on a slice of apple for a couple seconds, and he was very mad at me when I took it away. He then attempted (rather unsuccessfully, considering he's still a long way from perfecting his motor skills) to grab every single slice I ate, complaining loudly when I didn't let him have more.

He tolerates the bumbo now! Hooray! During bath time he chills in the bathtub and just grins up at me while I wash him off. No splashing, just chilling. He still shares his smiles freely, and I can get him to laugh SO hard. I love that sound! He also still wakes up several times a night to nurse. *Sigh. At least he's a pro at putting himself to sleep.

Austin loves to lie on the ground by the piano and listen to me play. LOVES it. On more than one occasion, I've accidentally kept him up 15 minutes or more past his nap time because he's so content listening to the music that he doesn't even complain about being tired. Time flies while I'm sitting at the piano; I don't even realize how long I've been sitting there!

Oh, and he loves to shriek. Loudly. Man, he has a strong set of lungs.

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