Sunday, April 23, 2017

Austin // 6 Months

Half a year with our little chub chub! Yes, I call him chub chub. Aside from variations such as chubby and chunker, other favorite nicknames include bud/buddy, dude, stinker, little man, baby boy, and snuggle bug/snuggle baby because this kids snuggles like there is no tomorrow.

I managed to get some pictures of him before he spat up all over his outfit. Ha. Ha. He also drools a lot these days, as evidenced by the drool rash under his mouth. Babies in bow ties? Yes, please!

He sticks his middle and ring fingers into his mouth to suck on, and his other fingers stick out in an "I love you" shape. It's ridiculously adorable, and while I don't want a bad habit to form, I can't help but let him keep doing it for now because it's SO cute.

He's hitting his milestones well (I love hearing him try to make "buh" sounds and watching him attempt to pick up tiny cheerios) but he still shows no interest in rolling from back to tummy, or being mobile in any way. Hey dude, take your time! We don't have safety gates for our three separate staircases yet! (Yeah, three. Uuuugh, so many stairs to worry about... dang split-level house!)

His agility and coordination are improving rapidly. He reaches out to grab items almost before we even realize it. I've laughed out loud at some of the things he has suddenly snatched up; I'm still adjusting to the fact that he's this proficient at controlling his limbs, so he catches me by surprise. He grabs fistfuls of my hair whenever it's in reach, of course. When I stick him in the Bumbo, the first thing he does is snatch the belt to gnaw on. My favorite was when he grabbed the spoon out of my (empty) ice cream bowl when I picked it up to take it to the sink. Unfortunately for him, there was no ice cream residue left on the spoon.

Half of the nights, he sleeps 11-12 hours straight without waking up. It's magical. The other half of the nights he wakes up once around 5 AM for a quick snack before falling asleep again for a couple more hours.

A few other tidbits: when we want him to take a nap in church, we just stick him in the car seat, cover it with the canopy blanket, and then Doug puts the seat on his knees so he can jiggle it. It knocks him right out after a few minutes. He can finish nursing in 10 minutes flat if he's focused. I often catch him staring avidly at Nicole as she runs around. He makes a heart-breaking pouty-face when someone he doesn't know suddenly addresses him. Oh man, I love the pouty-face.

Cute moment from today: Austin was laying on my lap, and Doug came over to give him an "Eskimo kiss" (rub noses with him). When Doug stopped, Austin started moving his head back and forth, so I said, "I think he wants you to do it again!" Sure enough, when Doug gave him another Eskimo kiss, Austin rubbed noses right back! It became a game for the next minute or two. Doug would rub noses, stop, and Austin would shake his head back and forth until Doug started rubbing noses again. It was SO. ADORABLE. Mainly because he'd never done that before, and I tend to think that every single new thing he does is adorable. But really though, this was pretty cute.

We love our Austin bud! I can hardly believe it's been half a year already.

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