Sunday, May 21, 2017

Nicole Says // Vol. 2

She's my mini-me, and she makes my day! It's time for another round of "Nicole Says".

Here are my favorite toddler tidbits from the last couple months:

- I hung Nicole's Easter dress from a ceiling vent to dry. She saw it and exclaimed, "Oh no! Pretty dress! I can't reach! Fly! Fly! Pixie dust awaaaay!" She then spent the next several minutes throwing pixie dust in the air and trying her hardest to fly up to the ceiling to retrieve her dress.

- She put some dark-tinted sunglasses over her eyes and said, "Oh! It's dark!" then took them off and exclaimed, "Where da dark go?! 'A find it! C'mon! 'A find da dark!" And off she ran to go figure out where the dark went.

- While saying goodbye to my family at the end of a Skype date: "Bye Gramma! Bye Jenna! Bye Geekeessa!" (AKA Carissa... but I call her Geeky, so I guess that got Nicole confused)

- Nicole was downstairs with Doug one morning, and I was still in bed. He had to leave for work, and the moment the front door shut I heard Nicole coming up the stairs, calling out in a sing-song voice, "Moooooom! Time to get uuuuuuuup! Daddy go to woooooork!"

- The day after watching The Lion King for the first time, Nicole was messing around under our baby grand. I asked her what she was doing and she replied, "I hiding. Raaaaaawr!" (This girl is definitely my mini-me. I pretended to be a lion or cat aaaaaall the time.)

-  When we play Candy Land, I have Nicole tell me what cards she draws. One day Nicole drew a double red, but blanked on the word for red. After sitting and thinking very hard for a few seconds, she announced, "Two..........colors." Bahahaha! Well, she's not wrong. A very clever response.

- Nicole loves to go on walks, especially to the local park. We also have a trail that goes by our house that we often use. One evening when Doug told Nicole that he'd take her for a walk, she decided to be very clear about her expectations and told him, "Walk to 'a park, okay? No trail. No trail, okay? No trail. Walk to 'a park. Okay?" She kept repeating herself until she was certain that Doug was taking her to the park. We were dying.

- While playing with a toy boat in the bathtub, she says out of nowhere: "Nemo touch da boat. Marlin sad." Yes, half of the funny things she says/does these days pertain to Disney movies.

Ah, kids. Give her another half a year or so and she should start spewing some philosophical gems. I'm pumped. Oh, and please take note that she lets me put bows in her hair now! She only wears them when we're out and about, though. The moment we get home she tugs the bow out. Still... progress!

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