Our Story

Doug and I met (officially) on September 1st, 2011. We were living in the same apartment complex. My roommate was basically in love with his roommate... so we were around them a lot. I was taken with this ginger-headed boy from the very beginning, but it took a couple months for him to catch on... or for anything to start up, for that matter.

Yeah. I was that stalker chick who wouldn't get off his tail.

I must have done something right though, because he finally asked me on a date in November... the day before Thanksgiving. Nearly 3 months after I first started crushin' on him. (Fun little tidbit: my roommate and his roommate started dating earlier that same month.)

A few dates here and there FINALLY (it seemed like forever, okay?) led to a relationship at the beginning of the new year. From there, I suppose things progressed comparatively quickly. I always told myself that I wouldn't be one of "those" girls who gets engaged super quickly. What I did not expect was falling in love. And having him falling in love right back. And what can I say? When you know... you know. Before I knew it, we were engaged on February 10th, 2012. (And here's another fun tidbit... my roommate and his roommate were engaged a week later!)

The next 3.5 months were fun, albeit stressful. All the planning, the anticipating, the happiness. We had a good 2.5 months together as we finished the school semester... And then I had to go back to Fresno to plan wedding stuff. He stayed in Provo to continue working. We did not see each other for a month. He came over to CA a week before the wedding.

Then it was May 26th.
The day that made me the happiest girl in the world!
We had a chill little Sweet Shoppe reception in my family's backyard.

Honeymooning at Disneyland.
Now we have a toddler named Nicole and a sweet baby boy named Austin, and I'm loving every minute of our family life!


  1. I didn't think I'd be one of the get engaged quickly girls either. But hey it happens! Plus when you know you just know. I moved in with my hubs after 2 months of dating then got engaged 2 months after that! We also just had our wedding in May. Yay for newly weds!!!

  2. I do love a good love story!

  3. I love your story! I'm stopping by from the Let's Get Social Sunday link up. You've got a really cute blog!!

    Debi @ That Crafty Lunch Lady

  4. I love your website. I saw the Studio C you were in!